About us

Incanto is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, sophistication and Italian spirit. It is a name that seeks to inspire dreams, stimulating all of the senses and creating a truly special moment. As proprietor of the Incanto brand, Ali is committed to controlling the entire production chain to ensure extremely high standards, with attention to detail and continuous innovation. We aim to enhance the niche production of Italian excellence while providing the tools necessary to increase awareness of the product, in order to allow the small treasures of our country to be really appreciated. A promoter of quality food & beverage with a long tradition and great potential, Ali was founded by three young, passionate supporters of the Italian production system, who decided to invest in Italy's uniqueness.


Those who love wine want to associate the occasions in their life with a moment of pleasure, highlighting that moment. That is why it is important to take your time when enjoying wine; to savour the taste for as long as possible and to remember it. A wine label, perhaps observed during a tasting, serves to complete these moments; this is why I tried to fix the meticulous simplicity of gestures made with the brush, with their natural and material complexity, which are overlapping in structure and create movement in the image. Because the sensory experience of a sip of wine also brings a visual memory with it.

Luca Barcellona